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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are a team of transaction coordinators, how will I know who to call? 

There will be a transaction coordinator assigned to you who will be your main point of contact on every file. They will be there to help you day-in & day-out with anything you need. Your TC will become a part of your team!


Can my transaction coordinator draft amendments for me?

Your transaction coordinator can draft amendments for you. On a typical transaction, we will draft amendments changing the closing date, sellers concessions, or the purchase price.


Will my transaction coordinator schedule inspections?

Your transaction coordinator will schedule the following inspections: general home inspection, 4-point inspection, wind inspection, septic inspection, termite inspection, mold inspection, radon inspection, or well-water inspection.


Why should you hire a transaction coordinator?

Our ultimate goal is to take as much work off your plate as possible to ensure you have time to focus on what is important. By leveraging your time, you can increase your business and overall revenue.

Do you charge termination or onboarding fees?


We do not charge any termination or onboarding fees. If a contract were to terminate due to financing, inspections, etc. the agent will not may us any fee.

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